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“Everything has meaning, or nothing has meaning. Which world would you rather live in?”

-Neal Shusterman

Psychotherapist | Life Coach

Looking back at my life, I haven’t always felt as empowered as I feel now. I had to learn to break old patterns, change my self-limiting beliefs, Re-build the life I truly wanted, and focus on being true to me, my authentic self. I had to heal my own relationship with myself to truly gain an understanding of what balance, living and appreciation of life truly meant. I have always believed that life has meaning, there was a purpose for everything and lessons to be learned. Through my own hardships (and I have had many) I was able to shift my perception of life and focus my energy and intent on ways of healing, succeeding, and embracing the life I wanted to create. As I journey this life, I see more and more of the struggle in our society and in people’s lives. My intention is to help guide you through this difficult time with support, encouragement, self-discovery and healing to allow you to Re-build the life you truly want and to find your best authentic self!

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Why would you connect with me?

Because I care! Not only do I care, I know that you are capable and deserving of so much more!
Together we will transform your life, Re-build, both personally and professionally so you can become your true authentic self, fully capable of anything and everything you desire!

Let’s explore the fears and self-doubt that are holding you hostage to Re-building your amazing life! Let’s find your strengths, desires, wants, and needs and layout the plan to begin the Re-building process. Let’s set up your future life to be the best you, your authentic self and all that you can ever imagine!

Whether it is through the support of coaching or counselling, both pathways will lead you to awareness, empowerment, success and happiness! Both pathways will lead you to find the life you have always wanted, your life of true fulfillment!

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Work With Me

Ignite curiosity, develop your self-awareness, explore where you are and where you want to be. Be insipred to think holistically about your life and become the best version of yourself!

Life Coaching

Helping you move forward in life by shifting to a more positive and motivated mindset.


Working with you to integrate therapeutic approaches from a holistic, wellness & trauma-informed lens.

Addiction Support Course

8 week online Zoom support course for anyone whose affected by a loved one's addiction.

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