Shift Your Mind and Watch Your Life Unfold. I’ll Help You Get There.


You deserve to become the person you want to be. Together, we’ll create your road map to unlock a motivated mindset and move forward, confidently.

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I understand you because I am you.

The overwhelm is real.

I haven’t always felt as empowered as I do now. I had to break old patterns, change self-limiting beliefs, and rebuild the life I wanted.

Like I did, you might be dealing with things like:

Uncover Fulfillment

We’ll explore the fears and self-doubt holding you hostage, and work together to rebuild your life free from them.

Rediscover Yourself

Never feel “not good enough” again: silence the self-doubt and recognize the incredible value you bring to the table.

Rise Above the Challenges

It's your time for a transformative change! Say goodbye to feeling like your career is stalling, relationships are strained, or your zest for life is dwindling.

Rewrite Your Story

Take control, make a difference, and let your impact be felt. Feeling like you’re floating without purpose is about to become a thing of the past.

How We’ll Work Together

To Ignite Curiosity

Explore where you are and aspire to be, fostering self-awareness and holistic thinking for your road map to the best version of you!

Deep Exploration

During our sessions, we dig deep to address the root causes that keep you stuck and disconnected, addressing challenges at their core.

Mindset Shift

Together, we’ll unravel negative patterns, shifting from confusion to clarity and self-loathing to self-respect.

Empowered Transformation

Learn actionable tools that empower you to take control while embracing a journey of self-discovery and realizing your true worth.

"The first and most important person you must believe in is yourself."

— Toni Sorenson

Meet Jackie

Psychotherapist and Life Coach

"I've been where you are—feeling disempowered and navigating life's challenges. Now, I'm here to guide you through your journey and offer support, encouragement, and tools for self-discovery. Let's rewrite your story and uncover your best authentic self together!"

Client Stories

Become Your Own Success Story

A holistic approach means working on all parts of you and not bypassing anything that makes you the incredible being that you are. I’m dedicated to helping my clients shift to a positive and motivated mindset, get unstuck, achieve their goals, and overall, move forward! Read the stories of others who've already walked this path with me.

C.T.Life Coaching
"I haven't always been the person I thought I should be. I've dealt with a lot of trauma in my childhood, and it was easier to just place blame and just be angry. As I got older, I realized that I needed to change my outlook on life and my reaction to certain circumstances within it. With the help and coaching from Jackie, I learned the power of positivity, I became a better person, and I found that I had the strength to face my past and move in the best direction for me. Amazing things are happening in my life, and I couldn't have done it without her."
C.P.Life Coaching
"Working with Jackie has allowed me to clearly articulate a vision for my personal growth and goals. She gave me the tools to help achieve balance between my work and home life as well as establishing boundaries within relationships. I'm confident in saying any time spent with Jackie has significantly changed my perspective on life and the challenges within it. I truly appreciate her honesty. She helped me understand there is a greater sense of purpose to be obtained and guided me on achieving it. Thank you Jackie for everything you have done for me. I would highly recommend you to anyone in any walk of life."
R.P.Life Coaching
"Before working with Jackie, I was in a state of feeling stuck, not able to focus on where I wanted to go in my life. After working with her I was able to have awareness of my personal blockages that were keeping me from moving forward in my life. My own personal belief patterns were causing me to self sabotage opportunities that kept me in a place of fear and feeling small.

The time we spent together brought so much clarity in terms of bringing awareness, focusing on my next steps in my life, and learning process of applying these tools and being in a place of finally feeling confident to move in the direction for me. Jackie provided a safe space to explore issues where I felt stuck and through her thoughtful questions, we were able to find the root of the issues I was struggling with."
R.D.Life Coaching
"Jackie taught me how to shift my mindset in terms of questioning the truth of perceived blocks and challenging those thoughts as a way to focus on my strengths rather than my feelings of being stuck,while empowering me to take ownership of my life.

Jackie's approach to coaching is different in style to other life coaches as she brings her knowledge of psychotherapy and holistic healing to each session which allowed me to heal on many levels. This truly was lovely to experience, one that I am very grateful for! "
L.C.Life Coaching
"I started working with Jackie due to my life feeling out of control and stagnant. I was not dealing with stress well and did not know what was important to focus on to get me to a better place. Jackie is patient, very experienced and has an abundance of knowledge in so many areas. She made me feel safe and helped me open up so she quickly narrowed down what was important to me and where to place my focus. I felt moving forward was like peeling an onion and it just kept getting easier. She provided the tools for me when I get overwhelmed to get me right back on track. I feel like I am now in control of my life and I have so much more joy and contentment in my life. I feel like waking up everyday is a new experience, I like seeing what the day brings now!!! Forever grateful for Jackie's hard work and knowledge."
M.T.Life Coaching
"I started working with Jackie about 10 years ago when I went through a life-changing event. Through her counseling and coaching, she helped me to overcome my anxiety, feelings of hopelessness and fears of being alone. She helped me to find my inner peace and strength and to feel more confident with myself, my self-image, and with my life choices. She helped me to move onto a better place in my life and empowered me to be the best version of myself. I am so grateful to Jackie for her kindness, compassion, and her knowledge and professionalism."
C.T.Life Coaching
"I connected with Jackie in search of wanting to shift my life, find clarity and a sense of purpose, and to feel whole again. My first impression of Jackie was that she was very knowledgeable, positive, compassionate, and patient. I felt she understood my pain and was naturally able to connect with me on our first session. During our coaching sessions, she was able to help me recognize the many barriers in my life that kept me feeling down and made me feel like I couldn't go on! Through her gentle exploration and guidance, we got to the core beliefs of what kept me stuck in my life. I can confidently say I can finally maintain a sense of balance in my life through working with Jackie. I remember how much compassion and patience she showed toward my emotions, and I learned to hold the same for myself but also understand and value myself. Through this, I could see myself and my life experiences differently. The one thing that stood out was feeling Jackie genuinely listened to ME. I was finally in a place where I felt heard. I feel Jackie impacted my life so positively that I would highly recommend her to anyone searching to make any positive shift in their life."
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Start Your Journey

What's Next?

Maybe you’re thinking about making the shift, but you’re unsure if this is really for you. Here’s what to expect.


Complimentary Session

Join me for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. We’ll get to know each other, clarify what you’d love to get out of working together and where you feel stuck, and I’ll answer any questions you might have.


Choose a Package

If we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll review coaching packages and choose one that aligns best with your goals.


Schedule and Start!

Together we’ll create a pre-scheduled calendar of sessions that will focus on moving forward in life, exploring your strengths and mindset, and transitioning you to a place of living your best version of YOU!

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All sessions are online with clients having access to an online portal for coaching sessions.


Yes, I offer a 30-45 minute free consultation to explore the areas you are feeling stuck in and to get a better idea of how I can help you.