Counselling & Therapy

Helping you Re-build the life you want!

Counselling to be the best version of yourself!

You don’t have to walk this path alone. Together we will explore what is keeping you stuck and disconnected and get you Re-building the life you want.

As a therapist, I bring years of knowledge both lived and academic. Exploring my own life, seeing my own sense of stuck-ness, and applying tools to get myself moving in the direction I truly believed I needed to be was my way of understanding my own healing journey. My own life challenges (fears, stuck-ness, self-esteem, loss) have brought me to a place of having an innate desire to connect and help others with their struggles. My own personal connection with a coach and therapist was life-changing and with this knowledge, support, encouragement and compassion, you will also walk away with a life-changing experience.

I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor and hold a Masters degree in Counselling. My coaching and therapeutic framework are from a holistic, well-being, and trauma-informed lens. Applying a mind, body, and spirit approach for both coaching and counselling allows you and I to tap into the many areas of your life, your mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual well-being. Using evidence-based modalities, psycho-educational and holistic therapeutic modalities (essential oils, spiritualism, meditation, mindset) allows for an organic exploration of growth and connection as we walk this journey together.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are very common issues that the majority of people experience. Understanding the root cause and navigating the emotional cues of both anxiety and depression are key factors in managing these illnesses. Through a holistic counselling approach, we can explore all areas of you and begin to gain a sense of clarity, confidence and hope in allowing you to no longer be fearful but empowered and courageous as you gain skills to work with these illnesses.

Life Stressors

Life stressors can impact us on a daily basis causing us to become overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck. There are many life stressors that can impact us negatively such as job loss, divorce, grief/loss, mental illness, re-locating, childhood trauma, poverty, and death. Finding clarity on what stressors impact you and how you react to them are the beginning stages of being more aware of how to manage life. 

Trauma & PTSD

It is very common for individuals who have gone through traumatic and painful experiences to have long-lasting symptoms. This includes but are not limited to relationship issues, anxiety, fear, and feelings of hopelessness. Together we can explore these experiences and build you a toolbox to help face these fears and gain back control of your life.


Overcoming addiction is a difficult road. Whether it be related to alcohol, prescription meds, or illicit drugs, it all comes down to numbing the pain. Working together we will explore the root cause of your addiction and if other mental illnesses are holding you stuck. We’ll walk this path together to find the tools, confidence and self-respect you need to take back control of your life and begin to Re-build the life you want.

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” 

-Vera Nazarian

Counselling Packages

1 Month

A great first step to bringing some issues to the surface. Aimed at focusing on current situations, short term goals and tools for immediate emotional regulation. Mini treatment plan and  psycho-educational tools to get you pointed in the right direction.

Sessions: 1 per week (x4 weeks), 50 minutes

Investment: $165 per session

3 Month

Taking more accountability to creating the life you deserve and the life you are longing for. A detailed treatment plan to tap into areas of concern such as decision making, relationship issues, mental health issues, and unprocessed childhood trauma.

Sessions: Weekly or bi-weekly, 50 minutes

Investment: $165 per session

6 Month

This is where major development occurs. Deeper exploration of many areas that may be impacting you such as looping negative patterns, addressing and understanding mental health issues, coping skills to navigate difficult relationships, exploring your deeper sense of worth.

Sessions: Weekly or bi-weekly, 50 minutes

Investment: $165 per session