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Healing After Trauma: The Road Map to Emotional Regulation and Living Life Again

One of the primary reasons for feeling stuck, in pain, disconnected, and sad is our dysregulation of emotions. In this self-directed course, we will explore emotional dysregulation, attachment, external and internal stressors, the symptoms, and how you can recover from unresolved trauma that may be keeping you feeling stuck in life and negatively impacting your quality of life.

Course Curriculum

Each chapter provides healing techniques, such as worksheets, quizzes, and somatic bodywork exercises, to help you apply healing techniques to regulate your emotions and begin to live your life again!

Trauma will always be a personal experience for you. Exploring three types of different traumas we may experience.

Trauma affects every aspect of our lives, including relationships, careers, social settings, self-esteem, and self-confidence…trauma affects everything!

Four Trauma responses, Fight, Flight, Freeze, and how our triggers (internal and external stressors) can ignite our trauma responses. Exploration of the Vagus Nerve and PolyVagal Theory to dive deeper into our emotions.

Exploring our attachment styles, anxious, avoidant, and disorganized, and how we can bring awareness and shift our energy to bring us back to holding a safe and secure attachment 

Building on our resilience, breaking free of patterns, and rebuilding the life you want. Integrating routine, reflection, and gratitude as you move out of survival and begin to experience life again! 

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