How to Release Life’s Bullshit to “Be You”

Do you ever feel stuck, lost, sad, empty, or unmotivated? Do you feel like you are living a life that isn’t even yours? Do you wake up wondering how you’re going to manage another day of life’s shit show?

Asking the same questions almost every day can feel like an endless cycle that never stops… How do I shift my life? How do I find joy? How do I build a life that will feed my soul and fill my cup? How in the hell do I do this, and where do I even start?


If you’re asking yourself these questions, the first step is simple: it all starts with YOU, as cliche as it may sound. While each of our personal journeys to being ourselves again will start by looking within, the path each of us take will vary. But to get started, there are a few things we can all consider when aiming to shift one’s life.

Let’s chart out the first few steps on the journey to finding you again, shall we?


When you start on the path of exploring “YOU,” it is helpful to be curious as to what your purpose is (and you may have many of them). Knowing our purpose helps us feel grounded and provides a calm sense of clarity, knowing we are heading in the right direction. With this sense of knowing where we are going or what we want to bring into our life, we begin to feel more confident, focused, and positive. Life truly begins to shift in a direction we might not have even imagined.


When we begin to make space for ourselves as unique and worthy individuals, we start to recognize beautiful experiences in life, and we shift into a state of gratitude and grace. We slowly release the bullshit that has held us to a life of unfulfillment and a defeatist mentality. Instead, we evolve towards living and loving life!


Take little steps each day to give yourself the time and space to uncover and explore the beautiful and sometimes crappy experiences that have molded you into who are you are today. Embrace every unique part of yourself and celebrate your inner world. Release the fears of not being good enough, not being smart enough, not being skinny enough, or not being pretty enough. Embrace the beautiful you!


Your outer self reflects your inner self. So if you’re unhappy with yourself, dig deep and spend time developing your inner world. Doing so will change how you express yourself and choose to live your life. What you see, live, and experience each day reflects what happens internally. Acknowledge that you’re in a place of exploration and celebrate your efforts in taking the steps needed to shift from surviving to thriving!


  • What do I value most?
  • What brings me joy, happiness, excitement?
  • What gives me a sense of purpose in life?
  • What have I imagined for myself? What influenced what I’m imagining?
  • Does what I’ve imagined for myself align with my values?
  • How do I view the world?
  • How does my worldview influence how I experience life?
  • Am I seeing the world as a scary place where nothing ever goes my way? Why?
  • Am I seeing the endless opportunities waiting for me to take the first step? If not, how can I lift the veil to see clearer?

Taking time to reflect on your inner world can be the first, most crucial step in feeling like you again.

Let’s get you to a place of glowing, feeling grounded in your true beautiful self, and moving toward your most fulfilling presence possible: Being You!