Opening Your Mind to More Possibilities

Many of us have been advised to keep an open mind at one point in time. It’s good advice, but what exactly does it mean? How do you know whether you have an open mind, and why is it so important?

Let’s dig a little deeper and learn how to open your mind to more possibilities.


So, why is it important to keep an open mind? Shouldn’t we be firm in our beliefs and steadfast and our values? Yes, you should know what you believe, but that does not mean you can’t have an open mind.

An open mind will help you grow as a person, and it will allow you to explore new possibilities. Without an open mind, something like a unique job opportunity or even a new relationship could come along. Still, you may find yourself resistant to the possibility because you do not have an open mind.

Instead of limiting yourself and preventing any new growth or development in your life, keep an open mind.


Keeping an open mind is advice we often hear, but how do we do it? Let’s discuss.


To have an open mind, first determine where you’re at. Is your mind open at all? Could it extend further? Reflect on your thoughts, questions, attitudes, and reactions to new ideas:

  • Were you receptive to them?
  • Did you judge them?
  • Did they make you uncomfortable in any way?

Gauge where you were in all these areas and determine whether you need to train your thoughts.


Once you know how open your mind is, start monitoring your thoughts. Any time someone offers a new idea, make a note of your reaction and correct it if you find it too close-minded.

You can also monitor your thoughts purposefully. Try reading an article or listening to a podcast on a topic you disagree with, and consciously be open to hearing a new perspective. Ask a friend to share their point of view on something and work to see their side.

When you train your thoughts, it becomes second nature, and you’ll soon find that you are naturally more open-minded. Remember that this is something you have to work on continually. You cannot master new habits overnight; even if you wish you could–I know I do!


If you still struggle to open your mind to new possibilities, force yourself into them. Deliberately choose new activities. Dedicate yourself to trying something new every month or even every week.

Your thoughts and your actions are related, and meeting your activities where you want your ideas to be is one way to start opening your mind to new possibilities.

Once you have experienced something new, you’ll see it’s exciting rather than scary. You’ll make an emotional link to trying new things, and you’ll start to notice a change in your thoughts, making you more open to new possibilities.


Opening your mind to new possibilities will unlock a world of things you never knew you could even have. Be purposeful in opening your mind, and you’ll begin craving more possibilities like never before. Need help sorting out how to start? Contact me today to see how I can help.