Shift Your Mindset & Shift Your Life

Let’s get real for a quick second. To say life is chaotic is an understatement. Sometimes it feels like an absolute shit show. And when we get caught up in the tumultuous whirlwind better known as daily life, it can start to feel utterly impossible to stay positive.

Have you ever watched someone in your life take something downright awful and turn it into something positive? Have you looked at them and wanted to scream, “HOW?” Well, my friend, you are not alone.

The world around us is full of stimulation, moment after moment endlessly being catapulted toward us and shaping who we are and how we react—all the way from the day we are born and through ’til the end. Our mindset and response to life’s hectic nature don’t always feel like something we can control.

But, if you’re reading this, it probably means you’re ready for a change and longing to take back a bit of control. And for that, I commend you! Wanting to make a shift in life takes great courage.

How do you find that courage? By making a shift.

Let’s dig in.


We’ve all probably heard the term mindset before, but what does it mean? Let’s look at a commonly discussed framework developed by psychologist Carol Dweck:

• Fixed Mindset: A fixed mindset means you do not believe your capabilities can change, therefore making them “fixed.” Those with a fixed mindset also tend to think that effort isn’t necessary because your current skills will determine your potential for success.

• Growth Mindset: A growth mindset flips its fixed counterpart on its head by genuinely believing that the effort of hard work can develop talent and ability over time.

How do we develop one or the other? According to Dweck’s research, our mindsets develop in early childhood. If you want to make a mindset shift but find it extremely difficult, you are not alone. Changing patterns embedded within us is most certainly possible but takes commitment.


• Look Inward: When we set out to change ourselves, our relationships, or our lives, we must always check in with ourselves to see where we are before determining where we want to go. When does your fixed mindset take control? Or to ask it differently, when does that pesky inner critic start to get loud? Acknowledge these thoughts with a boatload of self-compassion. We all have them, trust me.

• Reframe Your Words: When your inner critic starts to rear its ugly head, acknowledge it by asking, “what triggered this response?” And then stop it in its tracks and tell it to shush! Depending on the circumstance, reflect on the trigger, what you hope to do differently, and brainstorm a few potential alternatives for next time.

• Embrace Challenges: When we embrace challenges, we open ourselves to the possibility of making mistakes. While you may cringe at the thought, this is where pure magic can occur! You don’t always know what you’re capable of until you try. And if you do make a mistake, tell yourself, “I didn’t get there yet, but I know I one day can.” Integrating “yet” language helps build resilience and shift your mindset toward growth.

When you shift your mindset, you can shift your life. You can do this!

Reach out today and take one courageous step toward creating the life you’ve dreamt of and deserve.




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