Trauma is everywhere!

What does Trauma look like?

Trauma can come from any experience in which a person feels threatened. Trauma can play havoc on our lives and can veer its many faces. It may impact aspects of our life buried beneath issues such as struggling in relationships, our self-esteem, feelings of anxiety or depression, emotional abuse or attachment issues to more deep-seated unhealthy behaviors such as addiction, self-harming, and eating disorders. These symptoms of trauma can impact a person’s ability to function in response to events, life stressors and certain triggers. Trauma is a lot more common than we think. 

When we look at addiction, we look at the unhealthy behavior. How has this behaviour impacted your life? Has it impacted your marriage, family, job, relationships with friends, self esteem, eating and sleeping patterns….the list is pretty lengthy. What happens when I finally figure out I want help, go through my detox and my programming …then what? How do I bring everything together to have some aspect of a healthy life? Is happiness and a life where I can function in society even possible? 

With me, my door will stay open when the others have closed. We will work through all those insecurities and behaviours. We will connect, explore and dive deep into understanding who you are….understanding more of your life’s journey and finding you the best tools to navigate this bumpy road you travel.

  • Depression (sadness, loss of motivation)
  • Anxiety (heightened sense of worry)
  • Mood Swings(up and downs with mood)
  • Struggling with family relationships
  • Feeling spacing, zoning out
  • Sleep disturbances (not getting solid sleep)
  • Nightmares
  • Feeling overwhelmed (just can’t take anymore)
  • Bouts of anger/rage
  • Self harming behaviours (cutting, burning)
  • Not being able to trust in relationships
  • Eating disorders
  • Loss of control to stop using
  • Difficulty with relationships
  • Borrow or steal money to pay for drugs
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Engaging in criminal conduct
  • Lack of motivation
  • Irritability or angry outbursts
  • Changes in personality or attitude
  • Emotional and mental withdrawing from people
  • Unexplained paranoia
  • Lost interest in things you once liked to do
  • Low self esteem

As a trauma informed therapist, I focus on the underlying issues for the behavior and emotional change as well as exploring present life challenges. Through this lens, we can begin to understand your experience without becoming overwhelmed with emotions or re-traumatized when thinking of painful memories. 

Trauma informed care in the therapy session initiates the foundation of trust which is a stepping stone to helping clients normalize their experience of trauma and empowering them to move towards building confidence and awareness to healing. Feeling safe in therapy you will learn to grow from difficult experiences towards seeking your true self.

You Might Have These Questions...

Not at all. People who ask for help know when they need it and have the courage to reach out. Everyone needs help now and then. In our work together, I’ll help you explore and identify your strengths and how to implement them to reduce the influence of the problems you are facing.

The difference is between someone who can do something, and someone who has the training and experience to do that same thing professionally. A mental health professional can help you approach your situation in a new way– teach you new skills, gain different perspectives, listen to you without judgment or expectations, and help you listen to yourself. Furthermore, counseling is completely confidential. You won’t have to worry about others “knowing my business.” Lastly, if your situation provokes a great deal of negative emotion, and you’ve been confiding in a friend or family member, there is the risk that once you are feeling better you could start avoiding that person so you aren’t reminded of this difficult time in your life.

Medication can be effective but it alone cannot solve all issues. Sometimes medication is needed in conjunction with counseling. Our work together is designed to explore and unpack the problems you are experiencing and expand on your strengths that can help you accomplish your personal goals.

Because each person has different issues and goals for counseling, it will be different depending on the individual. I tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs.

Unfortunately, this is not possible to say in a general FAQs page. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them and the length of time counseling can take to allow you to accomplish your goals depends on your desire for personal development, your commitment, and the factors that are driving you to seek counseling in the first place.

I am so glad you are dedicated to getting the most out of your sessions. Your active participation and dedication will be crucial to your success.


What My Clients Say

“Jackie has been my therapist for years. During the course of that time, Jackie has helped shape me into the best version of myself by giving me nonjudgemental, problem solving, genuine advice. With still a long road to go, I find comfort in knowing I have Jackie as my therapist to help guide me through my life. I am grateful to call Jackie my therapist!”

Keara J

“I found Jackie when I needed her most. She’s played a pivotal role in changing my life for the better. Her practical tools have shifted my mindset and allowed me to let go of what doesn’t serve me and move forward into joy. I have surpassed my expectations in my personal life and career at Fifth Hair Lounge & Beauty Bar. I owe so much of my success to Jackie. I am forever grateful.”

Abbey W

“Jackie has always done a tremendous job while helping me navigate through the toughest parts of each aspect of my life. She has consistently helped me with mental health issues, grief, and much more. Not only has she helped me in my own life, but she has also helped my entire family become closer to ourselves, as well as to each other!”

Anna L
“It’s difficult to find a therapist with all the right qualities. I am pleased to say that Jackie not only has the experience and skills for the job but she truly cares about your wellbeing. After my first session I realized I wasn’t going to remember everything we went through so she emailed a detailed description of what we talked about, plus extras. I couldn’t be happier with her!”
Tom J