Holistic Life Coaching & Development

Helping you Re-build the life you want!

Holistic Life Coaching

Do you ever feel stuck, disconnected, empty, or unmotivated? Do you feel like you’re floating through life and not making the impact you know you are capable of or feeling like you’re just not good enough? Is your career, relationships or drive for life being impacted by your stuck-ness, negative thoughts, or lack of motivation? Whether the feeling of not being able to move forward is from having a mental illness, past trauma, or relationship issues, life coaching and counselling can help!

Life coaching can help facilitate healing on all levels (mind, body, spirit). The healing is not just on the surface but going deep at healing the root cause. We don’t just stay on the surface, we work together to dive deep to the root of the issues and unravel what has been holding you down, stuck, and disconnect from life. We explore fear, negative patterns, mindset, and relationships to see how these areas have kept you stuck. We also work together to shift from confusion to clarity, from self-loath to self-respect, from lack to abundance. We find tools to clearly focus on Re– building your new life. 

How do we do this…through connection, exploration, and finding clarity on where it is you really want to go, what you really want to accomplish, and how you really want to live your true authentic life!  Through our work together you will begin to feel more empowered and in control of your life as well as begin to have the courage to believe you are truly worthy of everything you desire!

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Connect with me to explore ways to show up for yourself, believe in yourself, and Re-build the life you want!

Life Coaching

Tired of going in circles with no direction? I can help you shift your mindset, discover your goals and determine the best path to move forward in life.

Career Development

Looking for a new career path or need help finding a job and feeling overwhelmed? I can help you make a plan according to your strengths and passions.

Coaching Packages

Results-focused packages to deliver specific goals in a specified amount of time

Life Coaching Packages

Results-focused packages to deliver specific goals in a specified amount of time

1 Month Intensive

Package includes 4 life coaching sessions over the course of 1 month to help you hit a short-term goal. 

Sessions: Weekly, 50 minutes

Investment: $1200.00 or 2 payments of $600.00

3 Month

Life coaching package exploring one or two goals getting you focused and on the right track for success

Sessions: Bi-weekly, 75-90 minutes

Investment: $1950.00 or 3 monthly payments of $650.00

6 Month

Package focusing on creating and reaching multiple long-term goals

Sessions: Bi-weekly, 75-90 minutes

Investment: $4,440 or 3 incremental payments of $1480

Additional Life Coaching Notes (all packages)